Rescuing Tori with NC RUFF

Guest authored by Elizabeth Singh, fostered Ruby for NC RUFF after her rescue

Introducing Tori, a RUFF foster dog. She was brought into an animal shelter in an extremely emaciated state, full of parasites, infection, heartworms, and a mouthful of broken teeth. Without immediate help, she didn’t have much longer to live. RUFF brought her into the program and provided full veterinary medical and foster care.

With love, and medicine, and nutrition, we nursed her back to health. We healed her broken body and soul. We cleaned out the parasites, provided the dental care needed, spayed her, and put her under heartworm treatment. And in the process, we provided housetraining and love. Tori is now ready for a second chance at life.

RUFF is a fully volunteer organization. That means that 100% of donations go directly to the animals in need. To animals like Tori.