What others have said about the book

“Ultimately, Karen Ruben’s story is about conquering indifference. And nobody is too young or too old to read about that. This book should be in the ‘classics’ category. Let’s hope the young reading community puts it there.”

This is the true story of a lost, frightened puppy born in the woods and the heroes who saved her. Learn how your family can be heroes too! Plus, basic dog training tips. By Karen Ruben

“A big-hearted and fun story for dog lovers (like me) and the dogs that own us! Kids will relate to Olivia and her quest for a puppy instantly - and learn about animal rescue and adoption to boot. Karen Ruben's RUFF Riders is a terrific adventure that readers will love from nose to tail!”

"I have to say that RUFF Riders is an amazing story and a true treat! Perfect for animal lovers and owners. Once you’ve finished, you’ll wonder what the RUFF Riders’ next adventure will be!”

“Once your family reads this book, you’ll see how you can be a RUFF Rider too - All animal rescue groups, like us, need donations and more foster volunteers.”

“It takes a team effort — several children, and then their families, and then the entire community — to rescue five puppies born to a feral dog. Who will get to keep the puppies? What does it take to add a pet to a family? Could your family provide a temporary home for a pet? Which community organizations can you turn to if you’d like to provide a forever home for an animal? There’s so much in this book for parents and children to discuss as they consider their own pets, possible future pets, and how being passionate about something can help you make a difference in the world.”