6 Million Dogs and

go into animal shelters and foster groups
in the United States every year.

These are animals that were either born, like Ruby, without a home, or in a home that wasn’t
safe for them.

A good way to start!

You can learn more about how your family can foster or adopt a rescue
dog by contacting your local animal rescue.

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Rescue Ur Forever Friend, North Carolina

A portion of the proceeds from Rescuing Ruby will go to Ruby’s Rescue fund, benefitting NC RUFF and the additional animals they will be able to save with your help!

NC RUFF heroes/ RUFF Riders want to help the animals, but maybe they just don’t know how! There are many different acts of kindness:


  • Adopt a dog or cat that will love you back unconditionally.
  • Sponsor a specific kitty or pooch that captures your heart.
  • Donate items: food, blankets, litter, toys, leashes, cat/dog beds, even paper towels for accidental piddles!
  • Foster and provide a safe, loving home. Guide, teach, nurture, and love a dog or cat in need.
  • Make a monetary donation – Anything helps!  


An estimated
1 Million Animals
are euthanized/killed yearly due to over-crowding at under-funded shelters

That number can be decreased if more families volunteered to open their homes to fostering rescued dogs and cats, as well as adopting them. On average only 55,000 pets are fostered each year (17% of the dogs in the system and only 8% of rescued cats.)

RUFF Riders, Rescue Ur Furever Friend was written to raise awareness about preparedness for pet adoption and animal rescue, especially about the path a rescued puppy takes to its forever home.

The goals are to:

  1. Increase the number of families willing to volunteer for a local animal rescue group and foster rescued puppies.
  2. To encourage adoptions from shelters and rescues.

To increase donations to the over-run shelters and animal rescue groups all in the hope of decreasing the number of animals that are killed due to over-crowding.

Empower children to make a difference.

Kids ages 4-14 receive an average of $8.74 a week/$454 per year in allowance, not including cash gifts for birthdays and holidays (Rooster Money Allowance Tracker).

If the average of approximately 5% of income is charitable, and parents encourage their children to spend, to save, and to donate, then that 5% becomes $22.7 per participating child/year!

Donations can be
made by

Visting us on our website

– OR –

Mailing us at

Rescue UR Forever Friend
PO Box 463
Garner, NC 27529